søndag 10. juni 2012

Mediaeval festival!

Today I have been on a mediaeval festival in Hamar, it was insanely fun! I Maja, Fredrik and her mother. there were many people who had performances there, and there were lots of stalls and things to see and buy!
And all were characterized medieval! Maja bought an insanely great medieval dress, which she is wearing: D we all 3 bought a real crow's claw holding a crystal necklace, they also had Ravenclaw and another small bird.
some of you who have been on something like that before?
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mandag 28. mai 2012


Hi gyus! ive changed my hair colour, haha i got bored of the black, ive had it for many years now, so i decided to try something else!
So say hello to ginger me!
I also need to stop with lenses and eyelashes, because my eyes were damaged by it unfortunately. ;/

lørdag 12. mai 2012


Today tried to do a new hair up-do with a dutch braid! i love the hair! but im not quite shure about the natural makeup, i usually wear so much! what do you guys think?

fredag 11. mai 2012


I am  so sorry that I have not been able to blogged lately, I've been pretty busy and tired!
Now I'll sit down and watch boys over flowers for the 4 time! yay! love it and Goo jun pyo is so amazing! love him lol!
have you seen boys over flowers? if not then here is a "trailer" ;D
I've been bad at taking pictures lately, but here is a picture of me when I'm walking in the woods with Maja ^ ^

lørdag 28. april 2012


This is mye short hair bun tutorital! If you want the buns bigger you can wrap around hair extension! and Ofc if your hair is longer than mine, the bun gets bigger!

First you make two pigtails!

Then you wrap your hair around your pigtail and attach them with rubber bands! 

and tadda you got 2 buns! you may need to put any hair that is not joined with buckles!

fredag 27. april 2012


I was a little bored today so i tried out a new gyaru inspired makeup, this is a little darker than my usually look! but i like it! the light of the camera made it look a little lighter on the pictures, so its actually darker in real life.

onsdag 25. april 2012


im at school playing a game with my class mates, it's really funny!
Today im going to paint my Russ pants! im going to paint Sailor moon, star wars and stuff! :D
Later this day its russ babtism and i have to sleep in a tent outside my school because i cant come home because the bus dosnt go that late! :c
wish me luck!
I will publish a picture of my russ pants when im done painting them!

søndag 22. april 2012


I'm sorry i haven't been able to blog this weekend! i forgot my charger at school! :c
But now i'm back! right now i'm at school, its kinda boring, i just want to draw a pretty elf girl!
Later on im going to train Ninjutsu! its a great Martial art! some of you who train any kind of martial arts?

onsdag 18. april 2012

Whats in my makeup bag

This is not all the makeup I have, but i took what was in the makeup bag.
If you wonder what something is, and where i got it etc just ask!
and yay I took the time to color my hair today an curl it!
Now I am going make some noodles and practice for mocking! difficult!
Also, I managed to forget the charger to school .... I hope i can borrow my mother's computer today when  mine runs out of power!

tirsdag 17. april 2012


I have been really bad at blogging lately! and I regret it!
So I wonder is there something you want me to blog more about or anything new you want me to blog about?
such as skin care routine, whats in my makeup bag, what inspires me, my favorite music / makeup / or other + +
! I'm really out of ideas!
And one more thing! what do you think about my new blog?

mandag 16. april 2012

Todays makeup + Tumblr

Today I am very tired for some reason...
I think that I'm just going to make some good food and sit on tumblr, watch The Big Bang theory or  Running man!
love the shows, some of you who have seen them? or have a tumblr?
my tumblr : http://miikanseii.tumblr.com/



I finally made a new blog that i am satisfied with! so from now on i'm going to use this blog!
I'm going to blog a little diffrent here than on my other blog, but i think its going to be much better!
Hope you like it !