søndag 10. juni 2012

Mediaeval festival!

Today I have been on a mediaeval festival in Hamar, it was insanely fun! I Maja, Fredrik and her mother. there were many people who had performances there, and there were lots of stalls and things to see and buy!
And all were characterized medieval! Maja bought an insanely great medieval dress, which she is wearing: D we all 3 bought a real crow's claw holding a crystal necklace, they also had Ravenclaw and another small bird.
some of you who have been on something like that before?
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5 kommentarer:

  1. What a beautiful dress! Is it bought from Scaramouche? :D

    Did you check out Ravens Nest, bought a silver hammer for my boyfriend from him! I loved all of his jewelry, if i had more money i would have bought more stuff!

    I can't wait to go to the festival next year :D

    1. haha me to, i didnt have much money eather :C and yes i did ^^
      i wanted a raven claw so badly but it was expensive and so big! so i tok a crow claw ^^

  2. I don't recognize you anymore now that you have red hair! xD

    1. haha i understand, and thats not all, i have stopped wearing lenses and eyelashes!
      because they were hurting my eyes :C